MaryLee Herrmann, on the set of The Necklace
       MaryLee Herrmann, on the set of The Necklace

MaryLee began working in the commercial film and entertainment business 20 years ago as a model and actor. Finding a passion for the other side of the camera, she began working as a P.A. and steadily moved up to positions of Wardrobe/Makeup, Props Manager, Talent Coordinator, 2nd A.D., 1st A.D., Producer, and Director. As a filmmaker with a vision, MaryLee takes a daring approach to create strong stories with characters that are emotionally complex, at times contradictory, and certainly not one-dimensional.

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Ultimate Bike Race Fan
Ultimate Bike Race Fan
(Color, 16:9, 2012, 8:05)

The Necklace - Award-winnng Short Film
The Necklace
(Color, 16:9, 2010, 5:57)

Ashley Waits Film for Wingman Project
Ashley Waits
(Color, 16:9, 2011, 13:00)

Denver Roller Dolls PSA for ISWM
Denver Roller Dolls PSA
(Color, 16:9, 2012, 00:30)

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