Laura Norman

Laura loves storytelling, and acting has been a wonderful way to do this: telling a story through each new character. The connections that take place, between actor and character, between actor and fellow cast and crew, and the ever-changing connection between actor and audience, are invigorating. Stories can be painful, intense, joyful, hilarious. And all have the potential to be incredibly profound experiences.


Riley Anne Martin

Riley Anne has been a part of the arts since she was 15, with has an immense passion for art, theatre, film, dance and music. Currently, she attends Colorado Film School majoring in acting and directing and was awarded Best Actress in the spring 2016 semester. She dreams to act abroad and spread beauty in the world through her art and actions.

  Ellen Ranson
Jacob Adriaan Leeuwenburgh
Ann Hall
Malena Lubbert

Lex Kolody
Erick Yokomizo
Tony Ambrosio

Eric Trotman


Howard Zaremba, Connie Burkhart, Rick England, Dave Brininstool, Clark Hodge, Baldwin Ranson, Stephen Lang, Timothy Oakes, Michael Crawford, Valerie Hippard, Tonya Dalhaus, Freddie Basnight II, Alan O'Hashi, Diane Helzer

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