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Designing the Necklace with Carla Morrison

By Kenneth Wajda


Just a couple of weeks before principle photography of her film, THE NECKLACE, was scheduled to begin, director MaryLee Herrmann had a chance meeting with Boulder goldsmith and jewelry designer, Carla Morrison. Seated together at a dinner party, the conversation included a discussion on jewelry and Carla's mention of a student she knew who was interested in filmmaking, to which MaryLee offered to help and they exchanged cards. THE NECKLACE film never came up in the conversation.

"I knew that she designed jewelry, so I figured it was worth a meeting," said MaryLee. A few days later, she called and told Carla about the movie she was making and Carla was interested in hearing more. After hearing the story, she was on board.

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Carla Morrison Fine Jewelry Design

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